The decision to go for couple counselling could be one of the most difficult decisions made by a couple. This period is usually full of anxiety and stress. But, if you and your partner are experiencing relationship issues, it is best to seek professional help than hoping they would get better on their own. Ignoring the problem will not do any good at all. Knowing what to expect in relationship counselling in Melbourne would help to make things a little easier for you and your partner. This article will discuss about what to expect in relationship counselling in Melbourne.

Even though there are many relationship counsellors in Melbourne, all of them are not created equal. You need to choose a relationship counselling agency with extensive experience in handling similar cases in Melbourne. Check their credentials and reputation before you decide to visit them for counselling sessions. The first session with the counsellor would usually be a fact finding session where the counsellor would try to talk to both the partners and get to know the real problem. The counsellor may request you and your partner to talk about your views on your relationship. He or she would want to know your feelings on the relationship issues faced by the two of you. The counsellor may give you an idea about what sort of techniques they use to deal with your problems and brief you about their cancellation policies etc. during this session.

The next session is where the discussion would go a bit deeper into the real problems faced by the two of you. The counsellor may prefer to talk to each one of you separately during this session in order to apprehend the real cause of the problems faced by the two of you. Different relationship counsellors in Melbourne may have different approaches in this regard. Anyway, the second session is where the couple would be given the opportunity to open up and discuss their real issues in the relationship. There would be many emotions that could surface during such sessions. But you need not worry as the counsellor has taken oath to protect the individuality of his or her clients and guarantee the confidentiality of the session at all cost. In fact, releasing the pent up emotions would do real good for the future of your relationship.

The aforementioned information on what to expect in relationship counselling in Melbourne will help you immensely in obtaining professional assistance for your relationship issues.