If you have ever been diagnosed with a neuropsychological problem, your doctor may request that you go in for specific testing to find out what is going on with your brain. There are a wide variety of tests that can be done in order to assess why you are not able to concentrate, remember things, or use reason when making choices.

This type of testing requires multiple tests to occur. It allows you to see exactly how your brain is functioning and can help you with strategies to facilitate learning. The results of that type of testing will help the doctor recommend a particular treatment for you, or even a rehabilitation program. Let’s go over what is neuropsychological assessment, and have how to find a professional to help you get this done.

What Is Neuropsychological Assessment?

This type of testing is typically reserved for people that have been diagnosed with the condition that can affect the way that their brain works. They may have recently suffered a stroke, had a car accident, or they may have been diagnosed with having Alzheimer’s, dementia, or even Parkinson’s disease. These conditions can make it difficult for people to move around, make choices, or even remember who people are in their lives. If you have epilepsy, or if you have been diagnosed with having a brain tumor, this type of assessment will help create a proper diagnosis allowing you to receive a treatment for your condition. Otherwise you may have a mental illness and want to understand why you are having problems with memory, or how it is impacting your work or studies. A neuropsychologist can help to diagnose the problem and provide recommendations to help make it easier for you and others teaching you.

What Causes These Problems?

Some of the physical conditions have already been mentioned in regard to brain injury but its really any neurological condition that can impact memory and concentration. On a physical level, you may have been in an accident where you suffered a major concussion which has caused some type of brain injury. You may also be an alcoholic, or a person that has used a substantial amount of illicit drugs that have caused permanent changes.

Jobs that expose people to chemicals, or those that have been poisoned, may actually have some type of brain damage. For children, ADHD is a condition which is the result of imbalances within the brain, causing problems with serotonin production. In order to treat these conditions, the neuropsychological testing is helpful to diagnose the nature of the issues and provide suggestions to help.

What Are Neuropsychological Tests?

There are quite a few different tests including Memory and Cognitive functioning tests. They are designed to test your limits. In fact, many people become discouraged when they take them because, to them, they are quite difficult. They will usually begin with having the patient answer questions and the aim is just to do the best you can.

Other people that have very severe problems will actually need to use shapes and objects that can test their cognitive abilities. All of the testing that is done already has a large database of probable answers, and possible problems that may arise, helping them to almost immediately know how to treat back condition.

The neuropsychologist should also identify the appropriate tests to suit the specific referral question, or the reason the testing is being sought.

What Are The Different Type Of Tests That Are Given?

Testing that is given will depend on what they are testing you for. For example, they could test a patient for attention span and memory loss. This is a very simple test which will require the person to repeat a series of numbers. They will then add in letters, and subsequently words, to test both memory and cognition. Language and speech skills may also be part of the test. The person will be asked to point to pictures representing the words that the doctor has stated. They may also ask them to come up with as many words as they can that start with a particular letter. This made then move on to testing that will target reasoning, organizing and planning.

How Are These Results Assessed?

To answer the question of what is neuropsychological assessment, several factors are considered with each test. There is the speed at which the participant will respond to the questions, their accuracy with their answers, and they will compare the results of each test to see which area of the brain is most cognitively impaired. The results of the testing will lead to a diagnosis. The doctor will then recommend treatment options. It is because they have decades of results that have been given by people that have all of the conditions previously mentioned that they can quickly and accurately develop a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Once the testing is completed, they will have a complete record of a person’s behavioral and cognitive functions. The testing will reveal their current state of cognitive abilities, motor function skills, and will be able to know how and why their brain is being affected. Without this type of testing, it would be impossible for doctors to find ways of limiting the effects of the medical problem that they are currently facing. and on a positive note the client can find more effective ways of learning or managing their condition.

If caught early enough, there are ways to slow down or even prevent further problems with cognitive functioning, which is why this testing and assessment process must be done. Now that you know what is neuropsychological assessment, and the testing that is done for people that have certain conditions, you may not be surprised if your doctor recommends an assessment for persistent memory or brain-related problems that you are experiencing, or problems that someone that you know or love is experiencing right now.