All of us have our ups and downs from time to time. And there are just times that we seem like no matter what we do, we can not beat a serious funk. These are several diet and lifestyle hacks that I have found to beat mild depression. If you are suffering from severe or clinical depression, you would be advised to speak to a professional.

Go Fishing

While a quiet fishing trip might do the body and soul some good, it’s not quite what we have in mind. If you begin to fill your diet with omega-3 essential fatty acids, you have a lower chance of developing depression. Fishes such as salmon, trout, anchovies, and sardines are a good starting point. However, if you don’t have the stomach or nose for fish you can try walnuts, flaxseed, or even fish oil supplements.

Walking On Sunshine

Forget about the depleting ozone layers and enjoy the sun! When you expose your body to sunshine, you are improving the amounts of vitamin D in your body. A lack of vitamin D is a factor in depression as well as mood swings. Sunshine will help bring you out of that fink, as well improve your overall health and immune system.

Kick The Bottle

If you are drinking while depressed, you need to toss the bottle. Alcohol reduces the levels of vitamin b12, which increases the risk and level of depression. In fact, you want to increase your intake of b12 with added amounts of seafood and plants into your diet.

Sugar Sugar

I know we all think that candy makes us feel better, and we have no problems eating a bag or two in our bed. However, by minimizing the amount of sugar in our system lowers the risk of insulin resistance, which has been linked to depression.

Become Regular

If you are having moderate to severe digestive problems, you may be lacking in the mineral magnesium. In fact high stress and indulging in alcohol can lead to a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a natural calmer for the body and soul. If you feel as though you are lacking it, try adding spinach, soybeans, or sesame seeds into your diet.

Shake It Off

It’s time to get busy and toss on your sweats and sneakers. If you are suffering from depression, you need to get on your feet and start moving. By regular exercising, you help to regulate the amounts of serotonin and norepinephrine in your body in a natural and healthy way.

Fresh Is Best

Go into your kitchen and pack up all your food and just give it away! Take a walk to the farmer’s market and buy all new fresh food that is going to be rich in vitamins and minerals. Almost all the prepackaged junk we buy it devoid of it and puts us in harms way of depressive disorders.