Deciding that it is time to seek psychological treatment can be a difficult decision for many people. There is still a stigma attached to mental disorders in our society, and many people feel ashamed or embarrassed about these issues. Someone who would see a doctor without hesitation about a physical ailment may be very resistant to the thought of seeing a psychologist.

However, proper treatment is just as important with psychological issues as with any other health problem. If you have decided to face your years and pursue a program of therapy, your next course of action must involve finding a psychologist. When you are looking for someone in the Melbourne area, keep these tips in mind.

If you need help finding a psychologist, the best place to start looking is by talking to your doctor. He may be able to refer you to a qualified therapist in your area. If he is unable to help, try getting in touch with a local psychological association. They can provide you with a list of their members.

The psychology department at a nearby university may also be able to provide you with assistance. You can also talk to friends, relatives, clergy, or other people who may be able to point you in the right direction.

When you are choosing a psychologist, one of the most important considerations is the rapport between the two of you. A skilled and experienced therapist may not be very helpful if you simply do not like them. The relationship between doctor and patient needs to be founded on honesty and trust, so look for someone who does not rub you the wrong way.

Before you become a patient, there are some questions that it is useful to ask. Come to the initial appointment armed with these queries. If you do not receive answers that you find satisfactory, it may be best to move to a different practice.

For example, ask how long the psychologist has been practicing and whether he is properly licensed. Find out where he was educated and what his background is. What type of therapy does he tend to favor?

It is also important to choose a psychologist whose expertise is in the right area. A child psychologist may not be the best person to help a senior citizen deal with anxiety, for example. Discuss your particular concerns and issues and find out what sort of experience he has helping patients with similar problems.

Cost is always an important factor to consider whenever you are choosing a medical professional. Ask about fees and find out if he accepts your insurance. If you do not have insurance, be sure to ask if there is any sort of discount or payment plan offered.

Selecting a psychologist in the Melbourne area can take a while, so be sure to allow yourself adequate time. With the help of a good therapist, you will soon be able to overcome your problems and enjoy a high quality of life again.