Tim Smyth

Registered Psychologist
(MAPS) BA, PostGradDipPsych, Dip(Couns Psych) AHPRA supervisor


Tim has been a Registered Psychologist since 1997 and brings to DS Psychology Group maturity and a wealth of experience across a diverse range of clinical settings including forensic, community, and private and mental health services. Tim has extensive experience in treating adolescents, adults and couples and is experienced in conducting group therapy. Tim has conducted his career in Queensland in the challenging environment of Queensland Corrections providing treatment programs, psycho-education, and assessments in the areas of substance abuse, anger management, mood and anxiety management, and relationship issues. Tim developed significant expertise in engaging with men, especially those that were new or uncertain about therapy. Tim also had the privilege of working on the unique Youth Offenders Wilderness Program where young prisoners learnt resilience and better coping skills through engagement in adventure based challenges and learning.

Tim then worked for The Currumbin Clinic, a 100 bed private psychiatric facility, for 10yrs full-time and 6yrs part-time, conducting group and individual therapy and psycho-education across all clinic inpatient and outpatient programs, including trauma, eating, addictive, mood and anxiety disorders. In addition Tim provided intensive group and individual treatment for 10yrs to the War Related Posttraumatic Stress Program. Clients of this program were primarily Vietnam Veterans and Peacekeepers from various theaters of war, and the program was later expanded to include personnel from fire, ambulance, and police services. Tim also provided individual supervision to Masters students and to other psychologists.

In the last 10 years Tim has worked in private practice, providing treatment for issues of mood, anxiety including OCD, addictions, bulimia, trauma and abuse, anger, relationships, adjustment to injury, and workplace conflict and burnout. During this period he also provided services to clients of Workcover, Qld and NSW, Employee Assistance Programs, Queensland Ambulance, Police and Fire Services, the Department of Veteran Affairs and other private companies.

Tim’s approach to helping clients combines experience and knowledge, care and compassion, trust and confidence, flexibility and collaboration in goal setting, and a recognition that therapy is not just about clients feeling better but becoming more effective problem solvers and human beings. He believes it is important that clients gain hope, relief and a way forward right from the first session, and most importantly that clients are comfortable and confident in the therapeutic relationship; the factor which three decades of research has demonstrated to be the greatest predictor of effective treatment outcomes. Tim also considers that many clients require and benefit from multi-disciplinary treatment and will refer clients to other professionals and community support groups where appropriate.

Clinical Interests

  • Trauma (including PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, debriefing)
  • Addictive disorders (alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, internet)
  • Anger management
  • Workplace issues (conflict, burnout)
  • Anxiety disorders (Panic disorder, OCD, social phobia, Generalised anxiety)
  • Mood Disorders (depression, bipolar disorder)
  • Relationship issues and couple counselling (marital discord, separation, divorce)
  • Sexual orientation (issues affecting gay and lesbian clients)
  • Suicide Intervention and self-harm
  • Life transitions/adjustment problems (job loss, injury, parenthood)
  • Eating Disorders (bulimia)
  • Grief and Loss
  • Low self-esteem and assertiveness training


Therapeutic Modalities

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Mindfulness training/Brain based focusing techniques
  • Integrated Experiential therapies (psychodynamic, gestalt)
  • Motivational Interviewing


Client Groups

  • Adults
  • Adolescents
  • Couples
  • Military and Emergency Services personnel (active or retired)

Tim is available 4 days, Tuesdays , Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays at Ringwood Office