Teaching children to share is extremely important. A lot of the problems in society result from a lack of teaching children the responsibilities and attitudes that should be taught at a young age. One of these is sharing. Sharing is an important thing to teach a child because it will help the child grow up to be a generous and giving person. Below we will discuss some tips to help teach children to share.

1. Do not force a child to share.

Instead of forcing a child to share, which will create a negative emotion from sharing, you should encourage them to share by creating positive feelings that make them actually want to share. Give them positive reinforcement for sharing. Make it a comfortable situation. Children that are forced to share will only associate sharing with a loss of happiness and it will only result in feelings of resentment in the child.

2. Play sharing games.

Make sharing fun. This is going to be the best way to teach your children to share. You want to teach your children that sharing can be extremely fun. Therefore, you should play games in which each child takes turns and plays. This will encourage sharing in the future, and the children will associate sharing with happiness and fun. You should always act like sharing is apart of daily life. Encourage sharing in every scenario and make it rewarding.

3. Give your children opportunities to share.

By giving your children opportunities to share, they can try it out and actually put sharing into practice. Once you have an older child that knows how to share and knows that sharing is fun, you can utilise the older child as an example and model for the younger one. A lot of the times the younger child will look towards the older child as an example.