Servicing Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

At DS Psychology Group, we aim to provide an environment where you feel respected and valued and where you will receive honest, professional and highly competent advice.

DS Psychology Group provides a range of services for individuals, groups and organisations. Click through each of the service links below for a full scope of services for each category.


Psychology for Adults

At DS Psychology Group we are active and collaborative about meeting our clients goals and needs. We work together with our clients to bring about positive change in order to increase their personal life satisfaction.
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Psychology for Children and Adolescents

DS Psychology Group psychologists implement a comprehensive, caring and collaborative approach to understanding you and your child’s concerns, making a contextual assessment of how issues developed and what maintains it.
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Neuropsychological Assessments

A Neuropsychological assessment uses specific tests designed to assess for thinking or memory difficulties.  There are lots of reasons why a Neuropsychological assessment would be helpful.
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Educational & Developmental Assessments

We are able to provide counselling and neuropsychological treatment to children, adolescents and adults who have been diagnosed with learning delays, autism, ABI or intellectual disabilities and other cognitive impairments,
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Relationship Counselling

DS Psychology Group are passionate and dedicated to improving the quality of people’s relationships. We offer specialised family and relationship counselling designed to increase emotional intimacy, personal satisfaction and overall connectedness with each other.
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Professional Supervision

DS Psychology Group provides professional and clinical supervision for psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners. This can involve specialist supervision in psychotherapies including CBT, IPT and working with emotions.
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Psychology Internship

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DS Psychology Group can provide a range of services for organisations. This includes the following, Stress management, Anxiety management, Coping with change, Understanding and managing depression, Communication skills, Conflict resolution and Team building.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy is also covered under the Mental Health Care Plan (see fees). Please email or contact us directly for further details of group therapy.
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