Neuropsychological Assessments

This assessment uses specific neuropsychological tests designed to comprehensively assess a person’s thinking and memory skills, including their psychological, emotional and behavioural functioning. Neuropsychological assessments are often requested to help understand how the different areas of the brain are working and to help determine the relationship between your brain health and behaviour, and your mood and thinking. This can lead to a brain-related diagnoses, which can in turn shape an appropriate treatment program.

Reasons to assess:

There are lots of reasons why a neuropsychological assessment would be helpful such as

To determine a person’s capacity or competency to make decisions

To rule out a cognitive disorder or to strengthen, refute a diagnosis

To help family members to better understand the condition and tailor interventions to optimise functioning

Provide insights into regions of the brain that may not be working as efficiently as others

To answer why is this person experiencing memory or other cognitive difficulties

Does the person have an acquired brain injury (ABI)?

What is the impact of this person’s diagnosis (e.g. ABI, medical condition, psychiatric illness) on their thinking and memory skills?

What are the person’s strengths and weaknesses relating to memory, concentration, language abilities and decision making?

To identify and pin point changes in a person’s thinking and behaviour.

Does this person meet eligibility criteria for access to disability supports

To describe potential implications of cognitive difficulties for work or study

Assessment and advice regarding management of ABI-related behaviours of concern (e.g. aggression, disinhibition, reduced initiation)

Does the person have dementia?

To provide advice and strategies for managing memory or other cognitive difficulties

Provide recommendations for treatment planning and support needs

Psychoeducation and support for clients and families about the brain, ABI, and cognitive strategies

To understand problems with memory or changes in ST memory

To help understand whether difficulties are caused by disease such as Alzheimer’s, brain injury, anxiety/depression or normal brain changes related to getting older.

Exploration of memory, cognition, perception, verbal ability, problem solving and motor function

What does it include:

Clinical interview

Cognitive testing, such as WISC-IV or WAIS depending on age of person

Administration and scoring of behavioural screening questionnaires The BASC (parent completion also)

Administration and scoring of test of Executive Function such as DKEFS

Educational testing such as WIAT-III

Memory testing such as the WMS

Liaison with significant supports

Reading of previous testing reports (if applicable)

Up to 1 hour Feedback session

Comprehensive report including results, detailed recommendations, any relevant diagnosis, and recommendations for appropriate interventions and/or supports or further assessment

For complex assessments additional behavioural screening questionnaires The Vineland and The Connors may also be required.

Who conducts the assessment: A clinical neuropsychologist is a specialist with advanced skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people with brain disorders. They are trained to understand the cognitive, emotional and behavioural effects of a wide range of brain conditions that affect memory, learning, attention, language, reading, problem solving and decision making.

Clinician time spent: 12-14 hours depending on complexity

Clinical Neuropsychologist package fee: $2200- $2500 +GST

To understand how a Neuropsychological assessment can help you or your family member or a client you are working with please call our Admin Assessment Team (AAT) on 9872 6255 or email on or fill out this form and Inquire now (include button to enquiry form)

DS Psychology Group Neuropsychologists

Maggie Phillips

Maggie Phillips

Clinical Neuropsychologist
Clinical Neuropsychology
BA, DipAppPsych, MA (ClinNeuropsych), MAPS, FCCN

Maggie is a clinical neuropsychologist with more than 30 years’ experience working in public and private health care and university settings.

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Dr. Simone Riley

Dr. Simone Riley

Clinical Neuropsychologist
BSc (Hons), DPsych (Clin Neuropsych)

Clinical Neuropsychologist providing neuropsychological assessments, counselling and reports for children, adolescents and adults

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Dr. Melissa Marot

Dr. Melissa Marot

Clinical Neuropsychologist
BSci (Physiology), GDipPsych, MProfPsych

Dr Melissa Marot has over 15 years of experience in medico-legal, community and organisational settings, an endorsed Clinical Neuropsychologist and Organisational Psychologist.

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