The success of your relationship depends on many factors. Knowing how to have open and honest conversations, taking criticism and making compromises will all contribute to harmony. Many couples, unfortunately, don’t know how to get over their differences in the best possible way.

Are you uncertain in the future of your relationship? Having frequent fights and arguments with your partner? If so, you may want to consider couples counselling. Nearly all individuals can benefit from the experience of a professional. Counselling can enhance communication, uncover issues leading to problems and help for the selection of the best possible solution.

What is Couples Counselling?
Couple or relationship counselling involves work with a therapist for more effective communication. The therapist will act like an intermediary between the two parties involved, helping them get their point across without quarrels or interruptions.

This type of counselling is great for single people and for individuals in all stages of a relationship. Counselling can be particularly enlightening for the people that are about to get married, the ones that have been in a relationship for a long time and those experiencing serious marital problems.

Through counselling, you can explain to your partner what your looking for, understand what their needs are, improve the relationship communication, identify the biggest issues standing in the way of happiness and get the tools that will help for more effective interactions in the future.

Relationship counselling can also help you learn a lot about yourself. What are you looking for in a relationship and what’s your main motivation for being with a particular partner? Knowing a bit more about your intentions will be of uttermost importance for making better choices in the future.

Signs that You Need Counselling
Wondering whether counselling is the right option for you? There are several telltale signs that therapy may be essential for the future of your relationship.

Counselling can be very beneficial if your communication has become predominantly negative. This means you fight for the sake of fighting and you can’t find a resolution. Productive arguments don’t take place and each one of you holds on stubbornly to a particular point of view.

You may also seek counselling in the case of intimacy issues. It’s true that the passion subsides with the passage of time. If you no longer have physical interest in your partner and the chemistry isn’t there, however, chances are that something has gone terribly wrong.

Look for the assistance of an experienced couples counsellor if there’s been infidelity in your relationship, separation seems to be the only way for moving forward, the two of you act out on negative emotions and you’re staying together because of habit or for the sake of your children. None of these are healthy and something will have to change for your marriage or relationship to survive.

What to Expect during Counselling Sessions
Each counsellor has a particular approach towards working with troubled couples but you can certainly expect certain things to take place during the sessions.

A counsellor will try to understand what went wrong and which issues are standing in the way of harmony and balance. Both you and your partner will get a chance to speak. A counsellor may guide you with follow-up questions, providing additional details about the relationship dynamics.

Keep in mind that speaking about intimate issues in front of a stranger is probably going to feel uncomfortable at first. This is why you have to find a counsellor that you can trust and that will make you feel relaxed during the sessions.

Through the sessions, a counsellor will try to change your view of the relationship. By dealing with the negativity that has been left unaddressed for a long period of time, you’ll get to see your partner in new light. As a person who’s emotionally involved, you lack objectivity. A more rational approach towards solving problems will quite often deliver the desired results.

A therapist will also help you modify some of the dysfunctional behaviour that caused drama and serious problems in the past. If the two of you are committed to working together and you’re invested in saving the relationship, you may need just a few sessions to make things better.

Couples counselling isn’t a solve-it-all solution. It’s still possible for a relationship to be unsalvageable. The work with a therapist, however, will help you get clarity and make the best decisions about the future.