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BA, BPsySc (Hons), MPsych (Clin Neuropsychology)

Jacquie is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who enjoys working collaboratively with people of all ages to help them make sense of their circumstances and how their current thinking or learning difficulties may be impacting their life. She has worked across a variety of public health settings, with specific experience in youth mental health. Jacquie has provided assessments to individuals with difficulties in thinking, learning and behaviour, and has helped to identify conditions such as acquired brain injury, ADHD, learning disorders, dementia, and mental health related difficulties.

Jacquie has a caring and thoughtful approach to her assessments and provides insight into a person’s cognitive strengths and areas that require support, with recommendations to assist in rehabilitation and care planning. She is available Friday mornings and works with all ages, from children aged 6 to older adults.



Jacquie is available Fridays for assessments.