Many people are depressed and don’t realize it. They may think that what they are feeling are normal feelings. Here we will discuss how to go about identifying depression, and how to help yourself overcome it.

From the time we’re born, we’re taught to be in control of our emotions. However many people have stuffed these emotions into themselves for so long that they become depressed.

Feelings and emotions are a normal part of living and we must learn to identify them and allow them to be exposed. Depression is a very treatable condition. There are many ways to identify it. Here are a few common signs of depression:

Personal health issues that seem to be ongoing (people who are depressed frequently are ill with a myriad of conditions…most of these illnesses are a result of the depression and once the depression is under control, the person no longer has such health issues).

Piles of stuff lying around the house (that could easily be put away such as junk mail, clothing and other items. Those who are depressed lack the motivation to be neat and tidy.).

Lack of interest in things that used to be enjoyed (no longer interested in hobbies).

Sleeping longer or less than normal(insomnia or sleeping most of the day are often signs of depression).

Over eating or not eating at all (binge eating).

Irritability (easily irritated).


Excessive drinking or using of drugs.

Reckless decisions (such as aggressive driving, drug use, sexual encounters etc.).

Suicidal thoughts.

Understanding that everyone feels like this on occasion is important, however when these thoughts or patterns become the norm, it’s time to consider seeking help.

If you or a loved one have more than one of these signs of depression, you should seek a medical opinion. There is nothing wrong with seeking help in fact, it may just save you from a long period of feeling down and out, or worse.

Depression is very treatable and doctors have many ways to help you. From medications to group therapy to one on one therapies there are a variety of treatment options.

Often people slip into depression so slowly that they don’t realize it. Take time to evaluate the situation clearly. If it’s been a rough week or month it may be normal to have some of the above mentioned symptoms. However, if they have been going on longer, it may be time to recognize that these are all signs identifying depression.