If you have a teenager at home that is having behavioral issues, or a young child that has not yet gone to school that is also having problems, you can find child development experts in your area that will provide you with ways of dealing with many of the most common problems. It is not unusual for children to have behavioral problems.

Children go through a substantial number of changes. There are stages that they go through, some of which have to do with going to the process of self identity when they are younger, to hormonal changes that occur once they hit adolescence. Here are a few ways that parents are able to deal with common issues in child development which are simply part of your child’s growing process.

Why Do Children Experience Behavioral Issues?

There are several reasons why children will develop issues as they are getting older. Part of the reason has to do with common changes that occur. For example, one of the largest problems that a teenager will go through is experiencing depression. Part of the reason has to do with hormonal changes, whereas the other part is focus primarily upon peer pressure and going through some type of social identity crisis.

That is why there is often a high risk of suicide for teenagers, individuals that often turn to substance abuse. They will experience significant psychosocial problems which they will not know how to handle on their own. Likewise, younger children will go through changes as they transition from being at home with their parents to spending a large portion of their time with their peers at school. Therefore, the primary problem is change. They simply need to find a way to deal with the changes that are inevitable.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Issues In Child Development

We all want our children to have happy lives. However, as they go through these child development changes, it’s hard for them to stay focused. In the same way that an adult can go through a depression after leaving a relationship, or changing jobs, children are constantly going through both psychological and emotional changes as they rapidly grow up.

There are specific developmental changes that every child will go through as identified by the psychologist Eric Erickson. He discovered that children will go through eight stages in life, most of which are going to occur from childhood to adolescence. This would include what happens during infancy. This has to do with trust and mistrust. Early childhood requires them to deal with autonomy and feelings of shame and doubt.

Once they arrive at preschool, they are caught between taking initiative and feeling guilt for when they do something wrong. Once they have entered elementary school, they deal with feeling competent at what they do and who they are, all the while trying to not feel inferior to their peers. Once a child reaches adolescence, this is a very difficult time.

They are trying to find their own identity. They often run into what is called role confusion where they are trying to define who they are in their minds, and also within society.

What Triggers These Changes To Occur?

There are many changes that are going to occur as children get older. Additionally, there are triggers which will cause them to manifest. Sometimes it is a traumatic experience such as losing friends or being bullied. They may also go through the trauma of their parents getting a divorce. If they were an only child, and suddenly there is a brand-new baby, all of the attention that used to come from their parents is now much less.

They may experience poverty, domestic violence, or even a natural disaster. These environmental factors actually mold the schemata of a child, causing them to reevaluate who they are and what their place is in the world. These are the triggers that can often create childhood issues, many of which can become detrimental to the child and their ability to function socially.

They may become reclusive, and if this continues into their adolescent years, this can actually form the structure or foundation from which they will begin to perceive themselves and the world around them. These are some of the common issues in child development that must be dealt with as they arise.

The longer that a child feels negativity about themselves, or if they have a negative outlook on life, this can adversely affect the direction that they take with school, social activities, and even change self perception. That’s why working with a child development specialist might be exactly what you need to do if you are experiencing any of these difficulties with your child.

Can All Of These Problems Be Resolved?

In most cases, some of the problems that they are experiencing can be resolved. However, it depends on many factors. Sometimes the changes that they are going through, and the bad behaviors that you develop, are the results of their environment which is sometimes hard to modify. For example, if a married couple is going to get a divorce, there is nothing that can be done to change this outcome.

What can be done is allow the child to process this new information, and along the way, help them understand how to deal with this new reality that they do not want to face. In most cases, children will adapt and persevere. They will find a way to retain their identity, all the while dealing with the environmental problems that they face.

This can either make them stronger, or it can send them into a very dark place, and that’s why working with child development specialists is often a good decision to make.

If you have a child that is having problems with behavioral issues, you need to first look at what type of environment they are currently in. Second, you need to schedule an appointment as soon as you can to help prevent this problem from getting worse. Sometimes talking about it openly is one way to release all of the negativity they are bottling up, allowing them to modify their perceptions in a positive way.

You can easily find a child development specialist in your city or town. All it takes is a little bit of time to assess them, and set the appointment. They are very helpful at resolving issues that children are going through as a result of changes in their lives. It might be the best thing that you can do to help your child if they are struggling with some of the many common issues in child development.