DS Psychology Group provides Group Therapy for:

A Mindfulness Approach to Anxiety – 8 weeks 

  • Understanding anxiety
  • The cost/benefit avoidance
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Cognitive defusion strategies
  • Experiential exercises and handouts
  • The importance of support and relapse prevention


Thursday morning group 10-12

Deposit required to secure place, limited places apply.


Living with Depression – A CBT intervention – 8 weeks

  • Understanding depression
  • Self-talk awareness
  • Challenging self-talk
  • Increasing positive behaviours
  • Assertive skills
  • Improving relationships
  • Relapse prevention

Next group to be advised

Life after Birth Group 

  • processing the transition
  • anxiety management
  • survival tips
  • improving confidence
  • helpful routines for bubs
  • Understanding PND and risk factors
  • self care and increasing supports
  • managing past influences in our parenting style
  • improving relationships

Day Group

Group therapy is also covered under the Mental Health Care Plan and rebates may apply.

Please contact us directly for further details of Group Therapy.