The term marriage counselling also refers to couple’s counselling and it’s also regarded as a division of psychotherapy. But what is marriage counselling and why is this an option for couples? This article will look at the meaning of marriage counselling and why some couples turn to it for help.

Marriage Counselling Defined

It aims to help married couples work through problems they might be having. The sessions are led by a qualified therapist who usually specializes in this field. In most cases both partners participate in the sessions, but single sessions are also involved. There are some cases where only one spouse goes for counselling, but this rarely happens.

Unlike people who regularly make use of counselling, when it comes to couple’s therapy the sessions are typically temporary. Once the couple reaches a point of understanding then the sessions stop.

Even though the counselling places more focus on helping the couple work through whatever problems they might have, it might also help the couple to realize if it’s better to just go their separate ways.

When Should Couples Consider Counselling?

There are no set rules as to when a couple should start considering counselling. However, the biggest mistake couples make is to wait too long. More specifically, they wait until divorce starts to dominate their thoughts and conversations. When too much damage is done it can be very difficult to get a marriage back on track.

Why Do Couples Consider Counselling?

There could be a number of problems that arise in a relationship, which then lead to making an appointment with a therapist. Whether the problems are based on sheer anger, infidelity, finances, or other conflicts that make the situation unpleasant, it doesn’t really matter.

Within the sessions the couple can learn to communicate better and hopefully understand each other more clearly. There are many instances where problems have much deeper roots, but the fear of being honest and the lack of communication keep these problems closed up. Essentially these problems will get bigger until it consumes the marriage.


When you look at what is marriage counselling then you shouldn’t just regard it as a way to fix a marriage, but also a way to keep it healthy. Many couples receive counselling even when there is nothing wrong, because it helps to build foundation and open lines of honest communication.