The human brain is by far one of the most complex parts of the body. It comprises of responses triggered by specific stimuli. There are lots of studies that have been developed in a bid to discover new things about the human mind. Researchers have identified that the brain operates on a basic survival instinct. Here the brain seeks to satisfy shelter, food and sex. Once survival has been achieved, the brain can now be programmed to do anything else.

The brain learns through the art of imitation. Unwanted data is unfiltered and the brain shows you exactly what you want to see. Your daydreaming power is a means of generating new and more creative ideas. When it comes to choosing, the brain inadvertently goes for the first thing on the list. Definitely, it’s something that’s tangible and indicates progress. When buying something new, there is always a personal connection involved. Here are some more mind blowing facts about psychology that you didn’t know.

  • The brain is hardwired to find safety, food and reproduce to guarantee survival. Everything else comes secondary to these needs.
  • If you put your mind to it, you can basically do anything. The brain has a model for everything and incorporates past experiences and intuitive perceptions to do new things.
  • Inattentional blindness is the process where the brain filters irrelevant content the field of vision. Therefore, you basically see what you want or expect to see.
  • Every individual has been built to empathize and imitate. Thanks to mirror neurons, every person has the ability to share other people’s experiences and imitate their actions as well. It’s through this process that babies imitate facial expressions.
  • Worried about your wandering mind? Well, you shouldn’t because it’s normal for the mind to wander. As a matter of fact, this allows your mind to prepare for any new events and also promotes creativity.
  • People usually attach more value to tangible objects than intangible ones. Therefore, marketing through pictures might not work as expected as opposed to if people held the products in the first place.
  • If you are working towards a specific goal, you are more likely to become motivated the nearer you are to achieving it. However, once you achieve that goal, your motivation is likely to plummet.
  • If you announce your goals to other people, you are less likely to achieve them. This is because your motivation plummets. Therefore, if you want to achieve something, you should try keeping it to yourself for better chances of completion.
  • Do you know why you have a favorite song? It’s not because the singer is exceptionally good? It’s simply because you associate the song with a specific emotional moment in your life. Therefore, every time you hear the song, that moment immediately comes to mind.
  • Your perception of the world is achieved by the type of music you listen to. Therefore, if you love pop songs, you are likely to see the world in a happier and jumpier kind of way.
  • Studies that identified that spending money on others is a good way to feel good about yourself rather than spending it on yourself. Therefore, every once in your life, you should give money to charity or for a good cause and enjoy how happy you feel about it.
  • Looking for the key to happiness? Well, you should spend money on experiences rather than more possessions. During these experiences, you will create memories that will last forever and resonate with you always.
  • Wondering what’s love? There have been lots of studies trying to understand love and what exactly it entails. There is no definite answer on what love actually is. However, a study was conducted on couples in love and others suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. The results revealed that the chemicals released in both situations were completely indistinguishable.
  • Are you afraid of snakes, bugs or simply claustrophobic? There are lots of psychological studies seeking to understand phobias. A recent study identified that most phobias result from memories passed down through our DNA.
  • Ever wondered why pregnant women always crave for strange things that might or not be food? A condition called Pica is the reason for this. It refers to consumption of non-food items and most people suffer from it during pregnancy. It’s definitely one of the weird facts about psychology around.
  • Do you always find yourself on the internet every second? Do you suffer from withdrawal every time you are not on the internet? Well, maybe you should be checked. There are a few researchers who are currently debating as to whether internet addiction should be added to a list of mental disorders.
  • Is your answer always no to everything? Are you more pessimistic than optimistic? Well, there is a reason why you are like that. Researchers have identified a gene that causes some individuals to be negative most of the time.

These are some of the interesting facts about psychology you never knew!