Educational Assessment

This assessment is recommended to investigate the nature of learning difficulties and identify possible specific learning disorders (eg. dyslexia, dyscalculia etc.), giftedness or complex learning/needs.

Reasons to assess:

Exploration of cognitive abilities known to be beneficial in learning (eg. verbal comprehension, fluid reasoning, processing speed, working memory etc)

Exploration of social-behavioural factors (eg. Communication problems, anxiety, attention concerns etc.)

Investigation of Global Delay (GD)and/or Intellectual Disability (ID) and/or Specific Learning Disorders.

What does it include:

Clinical interview (including parent)

Cognitive testing, such as WISC-IV or WAIS depending on age of person

Educational testing such as WIAT-III

Administration and scoring of behavioural screening questionnaires The Vineland and the BASC (parent completion also)

Liaison with teachers and significant supports

Reading of previous testing reports (if applicable)

Up to 1 hour Feedback session

Comprehensive report including results, detailed recommendations, any relevant diagnosis, and recommendations for appropriate interventions and/or supports or further assessment

Clinician time spent: 10 hours

Educational assessment package fee: Provisional Psychologist: $1200 +GST Psychologist: $1800 +GST