Autism Assessment

This assessment is used to investigate the possibility of whether the individual meets the DSM-5-TR diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder )ASD)

Reasons to assess:

If you have concerns about autism specific behaviours such as communication, social skills and/or behaviour, this assessment will measure these.

Exploration of cognitive abilities known to be beneficial in learning (eg. verbal comprehension, fluid reasoning, processing speed, working memory etc)

Exploration of social-behavioural factors (eg. Communication problems, anxiety, attention concerns etc.)

What does it include:

Clinical interview (including parent)

ADOS-2 testing (for a child) or MIGDAS for adult assessment

Administration and scoring of behavioural screening questionnaires The Vineland and the BASC (parent completion also)

Cognitive testing, such as WISC-IV or WAIS depending on age of person

Liaison with teachers and significant supports

Reading of previous testing reports (if applicable)

Up to 1 hour Feedback session

Comprehensive report including results, detailed recommendations, any relevant diagnosis, and recommendations for appropriate interventions and/or supports or further assessment

Clinician time spent: 10 hours

Autism assessment package Psychologist fee: $1800 +GST

For Autism assessments Medicare rebates are accessible for eligible clients under the age of 25, where a GP referral is accompanied for this purpose. The initial referral is for 4 sessions – approx. $93 per session rebate, a 2nd referral is for extenuating circumstances.