Unfortunately the majority of people have to deal with bullies at some time in their lives. Bullying may be very prevalent in the school yard but is also quite a common problem in the work place – teaching children how to cope with bullies can provide them with some very useful life skills which can be used again and again.There are different types of bullying – physical abuse and emotional bullying which is equally as problematic and often more difficult to spot. Cyber bullying on social media is a growing problem which is just as important and difficult to handle as being bullied face to face.

The first step is to understanding what makes a bully a bully. Some bullies are simply looking for attention, they may think it makes them look popular and therefore feel important. Some people come from families of bullies who think that to push people around, shout and call people names is the normal way of living. Some bullies really don’t recognize how much hurt they are causing to their victims.

Bullies will only pick on people who they regard to be weaker than themselves – the old saying that bullies are cowards does ring true in many instances. They may feel powerful by picking on children who are smaller and therefore weaker than themselves or those children who tend to be upset very easily.

One of the best and easiest coping mechanisms for dealing with bullies is to just try and avoid the situation – of course that doesn’t mean that you should hide or skip school classes but taking a different route across the school yard might be a quick and simple solution. Sometimes it is difficult to act brave when you are feeling afraid but this is another very effective method of dealing with bullying. Stand tall and look like you mean business – this will give out the message that you are not to be messed with and the bully will soon get the message and move on to another victim.

There is very truth to the fact that there is safety in numbers – find a good friend and buddy up so that you are together as much as possible this will give out a signal to potential buddies. You should also not be afraid to stick up for other children which are being bullied by telling an adult or simply sticking up for them – good friendships can be made that way.

Importantly talk to someone about it, talk to a teacher and parent and also seeing a counsellor to improve self-esteem and improve social skills can also help.