The following blocks to listening negatively impact on effective communication and impact on the quality of relationships.

Look below to identify the barriers to listening that you may do:

MIND READING: Assuming you know what the other person feels & thinks – without asking

REHEARSING: Planning what you want to say next and missing what’s being said now

FILTERING: Listening only to things that are important or relevant to you and ignoring the rest (even if it’s important to the other person)

JUDGING: Evaluating the other person and what they said rather than really trying to understand how they see the world

DAYDREAMING: Getting caught in memories or fantasies while someone is talking to you

ADVISING: Looking for suggestions and solutions instead of listening and understanding

SPARRING: Invalidating the other person by arguing and debating

BEING RIGHT: Resisting and ignoring any communication that suggests you are wrong or should change

DERAILING: Flat out changing the subject as soon as you hear anything that bothers or threatens you

PLACATING: Agreeing too quickly (“I know you’re right…I’m sorry) without really listening to the other person’s feelings or concerns