Depression is an incredibly debilitating condition that affects a huge number of people. Depression is becoming increasingly common, with some experts, including Stephen Ilardi, the author of “The Depression Cure” noting that depression is ten times more common today than it was just two generations ago. In spite of how common depression is today, people rarely talk about it – and this is unfortunate, because one of the biggest steps in beating depression is getting access to the support and help that you need.

There is no magical formula for conquering depression, and different doctors suggest different measures. However, there are some steps in beating depression that do help most people, and it is worth starting with those while you discuss other options with your doctor.


As difficult as it can be to find the energy to exercise while you are depressed, it is something that can help you. Exercise releases endorphins, which help to improve your mood naturally. Exercise also increases your wellbeing and helps you to sleep better at night, which can also help to reduce the feelings of depression in the long term.


Fatigue can make feelings of depression worse. Getting eight hours of sleep each night will help to stop you feeling fatigued, and help you to concentrate, be more productive and feel better.


One thing that people with depression struggle with is finding the motivation to take on even relatively small day-to-day tasks. Building a routine, even if it is something small like getting out of bed at a certain time and putting on smart clothes for the day can help. The idea behind the routine is that it provides purpose, and a sense of accomplishment that a task has been done.

External Support

The above lifestyle changes can help you to beat depression, but they are not always enough. Depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and it may be that you need help from a doctor to correct those imbalances. If you think that you or someone you know is depressed then it is important to seek professional advice. Depression can be beaten, but it takes persistence and patience.

Do not let anyone belittle what you are going through – depression is not the same thing as “feeling sad”, and it can make even the smallest parts of day to day life a struggle, but help is available.