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Amy Dluzniak
Clinical Neuropsychologist
BA/BSc (Hons), MPsych (ClinNeuro)

Amy is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who has knowledge and experience working with children, youth and adults in the public and private sectors.  Amy works with individuals who are having trouble with their thinking skills, learning, behaviour, and/or social emotional functioning which may be due to a range of brain-based conditions such as an acquired brain injury (ABI), neurodevelopmental disorder (‘dyslexia,’ ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability), stroke and mental health difficulties.
Amy is warm and empathic. She conducts neuropsychological assessments in a therapeutic and person-centred manner to help individuals understand their unique strengths and areas requiring support, in order to tailor interventions to optimise functioning. Amy is passionate about working with families and collaborating with other professionals involved in an individual’s care where appropriate.
Amy’s assessments are comprehensive and aim to answer a range of referral questions which may include:
  • Understanding an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding any difficulties in learning/attention/concentration and how to support these
  • Eligibility for services, e.g., NDIS, DSP
  • For the purposes of assisting with a diagnosis (e.g., ABI, ADHD)


Amy works part-time and will be available for neuropsychological assessments Saturday mornings.