Its normal to feel sad at one point of your life or the other. However, if sadness lasts longer and you are going over sad thoughts over and over again, you might easily become depressed. Well, here is the best advice on how to overcome sadness and go back to being your usual self.

Best Ways On How To Overcome Sadness

1.    Exercise
If you are exercising regularly, you are more likely to get over any sad situation you might be going through currently. That is because the body will release endorphins as well as other chemicals that will help you fight and express the emotion. During this time, you can focus on one goal thereby getting the needed distraction. Of course, you do not have to try out the tough exercises for this to work. Even simple exercises such as jogging, walking or swimming will do wonders for your reducing stress and feeling better.

2.    Cry
When you cry, the body becomes a little relaxed because of the release of endorphins. If you are crying in front of other people, it is a way to overcome sadness because it might encourage other people to show support of what you are going through. Of course, making yourself cry is not the same as the tears coming down on their own. Therefore, do not force it and you can overcome any sadness you might be going through with a supported person.

3.    Smile
A smile is one way which can help to conquer sadness. It is a positive action that might counteract with any other negative emotion you might be feeling. Therefore, whenever you are sad, force yourself to smile. With such positivity in your mind and showing on your face, the sadness will go away sooner than expected.

4.    Listen To Some Good Music
Whenever you are sad, music can help relax your body and soothe your mind. If you do not want to make the sadness worse, avoid using music as a channel to reminisce about the situations that made you sad. Therefore, you should choose music that you find good to help you get through the trying times. If possible, you can listen to some upbeat music that keeps you positive and motivated about everything regardless of how you are actually feeling.

5.    Take A Soak Or Warm Shower
Are you feeling like crying because something has just gone wrong? Well, prepare a bath in your tub or just take a very long and warm shower. The warmth will make you feel much better and relaxed. It is also a good way to soothe your body and nurture any feelings of sadness that you might be going through.

6.    Acknowledge The Feelings
Do not deny that you are feeling sad regardless of what has happened. Actually it is a normal feeling and is even considered healthy. If you repress or start apologizing for being sad, you might actually intensify the whole situation. Therefore, you need to acknowledge what you are going through without judging yourself for it. For instance, you can tell yourself that you can manage what you are going through by accepting everything for what it is.

7.    Find A Distraction
As mentioned above, going over your sadness for too long is not the best way to recover from it. Therefore, you need to find a way to distract yourself so as to overcome it. You can start by looking for pleasant things to keep your mind occupied. Try talking a walk in the park or joining an art class. Also, if you have been avoiding your friends, you can always find some time to hang out with them. If you are distracted you will not find time to ruminate over the sadness you are going through.

8.    Talk About It With Someone
Naturally, most people tend to retreat into their own corners whenever they are going through something sad. They prefer to wait it out hoping the sadness will go away rather than talking to someone about it. This can be unhelpful coping and make it much worse. If you need to stop being sad, you should think about talking to people. If it is colleagues, find someone to talk to about the whole thing and get over the sadness. On the other hand, you can always talk to a professional therapist and work through the reasons you are feeling sad.

9.    Meditation
If you are feeling sad about something you are going through, you need to meditate about it and feel better. Talk about 15 minutes from your daily schedule and breath in and out in a quiet place. Being mindful is one of the ways to ground yourself and re-focus on the simple enjoyments of life. If you are not good at meditating you just need to practice or see a counsellor, you should also consider going to a yoga class and try anything else that gives you the distraction you need to reduce feeling sad.

In conclusion, it is natural and healthy to become sad about something at one point of your life. You could be in a bad relationship or your supervisor at work could be harsh on you. Whatever you are going through, just remember that the situation will pass and eventually you will feel better. Use the above strategies or if they don’t work see a counsellor or GP.