Adam Engel

Provisional Psychologist
BAppSc(Psych)(Hons); MProfPsych


Adam began his career working with prescription drug dependence and now works with more general psychological presentations such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and insomnia. Adam has a particular interest in personality psychology. He enjoys working with clients who may not be suffering from acute mental illness, but who wish to gain personal insights and maximise their potential.

Adam will work with you to capitalize on your strengths and values, navigate weaknesses, and to identify and reach personal goals. Adam adopts a flexible approach which taps into various therapeutic styles, tailoring each treatment to the needs of each client. He strives to make each client interaction both valuable and insightful, and regularly checks in to ensure his clients are receiving the service they require.

Adam is also a musician and has various hobbies, and he enjoys exploring the unique interests of his clients.


Clinical Interests

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Goal Setting and Attainment

  • Stress Management

  • Mindfulness Relationship counselling

  • Personality Psychology

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Neuropsychology


Therapy Modalities

  • Solutions Focused Brief Therapy

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Schema Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

Client Groups

  • Adolescents

  • Young adulthood

  • Adulthood


Client Groups

  • Values-based

  • Reflective

  • Personality

  • Building insights

  • Practical