Established in 2013, by Donna Di Campli and Sharon Anderson, DS Psychology Group is a value-based, responsive and dedicated clinic that was developed to enhance Hope and Passion for life! We possess the specific skills and knowledge to effectively engage clients across the lifespan and have demonstrated positive outcomes with clients of all ages. We also have the complex understanding of relationships and have assisted both couples and families to improve their sense of connectedness and intimacy.

Donna Di Campli, Registered Psychologist
Sharon Anderson, Registered Psychologist

Over the years our services have developed and grown to include an amazing and committed group of professional people who exist to serve you! Our Clinical & Assessment Team and neuropsychologists consist of male and female clinicians who are caring, highly motivated, competent, and professional. Our team demonstrates life experience, are vibrant, flexible, personable and possess up-to-date knowledge of effective therapy approaches for a wide range of concerns. Importantly they work to empathise, understand and resolve your concerns in the briefest time period.

We aim to provide an environment where you feel respected and valued and where you will receive honest, professional and highly competent advice.

Please contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to working with you.

Our Service Specialities