Depression can be incredibly debilitating. When people are struggling with depression, even ordinary tasks can be overwhelming. It’s important that people who are experiencing depression take steps to remedy these feelings.

Some people think that medication is the only option. However, there are natural ways to treat depression as well. Give these 5 natural treatment options a try before you ask your doctor for a prescription.

1. Take a supplement

Sometimes, people experience feelings of depression because their body doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs. Taking a supplement can remedy that issue and alleviate those negative feelings.

Some vitamins that commonly help people with depression include folic acid, fish oil, and St. John’s Wort. Talk to your doctor about a supplement and see what they’d recommend. Because some supplements can conflict with medications, it’s good to make sure your doctor knows what you’re taking.

2. Drink herbal tea

Herbal tea is very healthy, but it can also help reduce the symptoms of depression. Research has shown that many people with depression have been aided by drinking a single glass of tea each night.

Types of teas that have been shown to help people with depression include lemon balm, valerian, and saffron. These teas are often more effective when made by boiling a herb. However, even packaged tea can offer a great deal of help.

3. Get more exercise

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which fill you with a feeling of elation. This can provide a great deal of relief to people with depression. Even slightly increasing your level of physical activity can be very helpful to people who feel depressed.

Don’t feel like you have to get a gym membership. Just take small steps to be more active throughout the day.

4. Take up a hobby

One of the best ways to fight off depression is by getting involved with a hobby. All kinds of hobbies can be helpful. It could be a hobby that requires socialization, or a hobby you can do on your own. What’s important is that you have something positive to focus on.

Think about hobbies you’ve always been interested in, then take steps towards pursuing them. You’ll be amazed when you see the difference the right hobby can make.

5. Try meditation

Many people have found that meditation can provide a great deal of depression relief. People have had a lot of success with guided visualization in particular.

Guided visualization involves coming up with a place that’s comforting and relaxing to you, like a beautiful forest or a nice beach. Then, you close your eyes and imagine that you’re there. Your goal should be to picture it as vividly as possible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by depression, give these natural remedies a try. It’s likely that they’ll provide you a great deal relief. While you shouldn’t rule out medication, it’s a good idea to give natural methods a try first. For some people, these methods are all that they need to beat depression.