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We provide assessment and therapy for children, teenagers, adults, older persons and organisations. Please visit our services section for more information.

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DS Psychology Group are a team of caring and competent Psychologists covering a range of therapy and counselling specialties.

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DS Psychology Group is a dynamic, responsive, consistent and value-based clinic passionate and committed to providing a range of psychological services to the people living in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With a team of professionally qualified psychologists we are dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life and emotional well-being.
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Caring for others and our team
Communicating with honesty and respect
Building authentic and meaningful relationships
Dedicated and passionate about what we do

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With an aim of working together to bring about positive change and collaborate with you to implement the most effective therapy, we also share with you information and resources across a range of categories.
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What Is Reverse Psychology

23 November 2017, Comment are Off
Most people have heard of psychology before, but they may not know what reverse psychology is. There are some people that believe that this is just a play on words, and that it is not actually a psychological technique. In reality, it is a very real set of strategies that can be...

What Is Practical Psychology Used For Today

20 November 2017, Comment are Off
Many people have heard of applied psychology, a type of psychological practice that uses methodologies to help humans solve problems. It can also be used to modify animal behaviors, and is an umbrella definition for many different types of psychological practices. Whether you are...

What is Positive Psychology

15 November 2017, Comment are Off
What is Positive Psychology and “Psychology as Usual”? Positive psychology is a relatively recent concept that has taken the both the academic community and general public. Martin Seligman, is the founder of this approach describes the study as the “science of optimal...