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DS Psychology Services Mitcham, Melbourne


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DS Psychology Services Mitcham, Melbourne


We provide assessment and therapy for children, teenagers, adults, older persons and organisations. Please visit our services section for more information.

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DS Psychology Services Mitcham, Melbourne


DS Psychology Group are a team of caring and competent Psychologists covering a range of therapy and counselling specialties.

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DS Psychology Group is a dynamic, responsive, consistent and value-based clinic passionate and committed to providing a range of psychological services to the people living in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With a team of professionally qualified psychologists we are dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life and emotional well-being.
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With an aim of working together to bring about positive change and collaborate with you to implement the most effective therapy, we also share with you information and resources across a range of categories.
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Communication Styles For Teenagers Counselling

24 August 2017, Comment are Off
One of the most difficult times in the life of a parent is trying to have good communication with their teenager. Whether they have a son or daughter, or multiple children that are at this adolescent age, communication can prove to be challenging. They are thinking at a...

Communication Styles For Family Counselling

22 August 2017, Comment are Off
If you currently have problems at home with your family, and you would like to resolve them, you may want to consider family counseling as an option. It can be difficult to resolve problems on your own, especially if no one is talking. If you are not able to speak with people...

9 Family Counselling Benefits

17 July 2017, Comment are Off
Every family will at one point go through problems and difficulties, and it is very important to handle them comprehensively to prevent any crisis. There are many instances where families have been forced to break up because the problems built up and were not addressed. The fact...